Do you have a comic for us to review?

Have you written comics reviews, but are looking for a place to publish them?

Do you want to announce an upcoming KickStarter campaign, or open submissions for an anthology?

Before you send in anything, please read the following:


For submitting comics for review:

  1. Your comic must not be published by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, Top Cow, Archie, IDW, Boom Studios, or Zenescope Comics.
  2. At this time we can only accept PDF copies of comics for review purposes (a PO Box will be coming soon).
  3. When submitting your comics, please clarify whether you are the artist/writer/editor/etc of the book.
  4. If this review copy is to promote a KickStarter, or if the book is on pre-order, list the dates the KickStarter campaign will be running or relay how long the pre-order period is. We cannot guarantee that a review will be published before campaign’s end, but we will do our best.
  5. If the comic is available for purchase, list the places the reader can purchase a copy of the comic.
  6. Give some details about your comic that would help the reviewers, especially the following: intended age of the reader, whether the comic is part of a series or not, and the genre you intend for the comic to be placed.
  7. DO NOT write that your comic has a “unique art style” or “totally original plot” or anything similar, even if you think it’s true. That is for the reviewer to judge.
  8. If you ignore point 7 and write that your comic has a “unique art style” or “original plot,” your comic will be ignored for review.
  9. The reviewers on this site endeavor to be as professional and honest in their critique as possible. But remember that these reviews are just that: critiques. You do not have to read them, but don’t try to sue us for libel, either. We endeavor to treat you and your work with respect, so do the same for us.

For Submitting Reviews:

  1. The comic you review MUST be indie. See point 1 under “For Submitting Comics for Review.”
  2. PLEASE proofread your reviews.
  3. Your review cannot cover a comic you have made.
  4. Your review cannot cover a comic published by your small press publisher. (i.e. if you run Fantasyville Productions, you cannot review a book you publish under that name.)
  5. Reviews are NOT sales pitches. You must write about the good, the bad, and the “what can be improved.”
  6. Reviews MUST be constructive, not destructive. If your review reads like a rant fest from an alt-right channel on YouTube, we will not publish it.
  7. Indie Comics Hub reserves the right to not publish any reviews sent to us.
  8. If your review is rejected, we will tell you the reasons for our decision.
  9. If you submitted something and you haven’t heard back, feel free to follow up with us – in moderation. Emailing us or messaging us more than once every 4 or 5 days is obnoxious. Don’t do it. If you do this, we reserve the right to not publish your review.


  1. Please proofread your press releases.
  2. If the press release is to promote a KickStarter campaign, please clarify the running time of the campaign and send links and promotional images.
  3. PLEASE include promotional images sized for web viewing. This means images should be 72 to 100 dpi (dots per inch) and no wider than 800 pixels.
  4. INCLUDE LINKS. Links to your website, links to the event you are announcing, links to the artists involved, links, links, links.

Submit your comics, reviews, and press releases to the editor at