About the Hub

Indie Comics Hub is a portal to creative inspiration – a place to find reviews of indie comics of many stripes: webcomics, small press, zines, and minicomics. The hub is the place to find interviews with the creators of these many kinds of comics, to learn from their techniques (and mistakes) and to find inspiration in an artistic medium that needs it most.

Indie Comics Hub started because Kelci (the founder) tried to find another review and interview site specifically for indie comics and found none. All of the comics sites out there focus on The Big 2 (and sometimes Dark Horse and Top Cow), and the rest were portals to purchase indie comics.

Holy banana pants, there are SO MANY sites out there that sell indie comics. So if you’re looking for another hub to sell your indie comic – well, check this resource page. We don’t do that here.

Indie Comics Hub is intended to archive and inspire. We intend to house reviews and interviews specifically for indie comics and their creators. We want to give you the scoop on what the new indie comics are, who their creators are, why you should buy them (or ignore them).

If you’re looking for comic convention reviews, or reviews on new art tools, we recommend you check out Kelci Crawford’s blog (they review lots of comic conventions and art supplies).

If you’re looking for master lists of resources, such as comic cons to attend or shops to sell to, we recommend you look at the Resource Page (coming soon). It collects links to outside sites that specialize in those topics.

But if you’re looking for a new indie comic to check out, but don’t know how to get it – you’ve come to the right place!