Arledge Comics Opens for Creator-Owned Submissions

Independent comic publisher Arledge Comics is pleased to announce that they will be open for creator-owned submissions starting June 14th, 2019.

Arledge Comics will be seeking pitches that focus on inclusive, all-ages topics with a rating up to PG-13. Their goal is to continue to develop their family-friendly titles and expand their library to include creator-owned titles. Priority will be given to graphic novels, then collected webcomics, followed by serial comics.

Those interested in developing a pitch packet should view the website. For further updates on projects within Arledge Comics, subscribe to the mailing list or follow them on Twitter.

Additionally, Arledge Comics will continue to develop independent series such as Alex Priest and Black Gold, as well as their anthologies.

About Arledge Comics:

Arledge Comics is a creator-founded and run comics publisher based out of Washington, and is committed to elevating queer voices, creators, and stories. In addition to providing fair paying opportunities to comic creators, Arledge Comics strives to remove barriers and make publishing accessible for all creators by providing a middle ground between self-publishing and direct market publishing.

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