Review Day Tuesday: Unbound

Honest talk: how many of you long-time comics nerds, especially those of you who read 90s comics, saw the title of this review and thought I’d be talking about a knockoff Image superhero?

Thankfully, that’s not this comic.

I can’t remember exactly HOW I got this book. Or WHERE I got it. All I know is that I have it. And I’m glad I do.

Unbound by Douglas Laubacher is the zine name for Inkwits, a gag-a-day comic about being a librarian – and the librarians are birds.

Why? “Because the bookworms are DELICOUS.”

As a former librarian and a forever lover of paper sandwiches in all sizes, formats, and availability, I am so grateful this comic exists.

“Unbound” is the title on the cover of this zine, but the actual comic (which you can also read for free online) is called Inkwits. “Unbound” is just the subtitle…I guess.

Besides the unusual title, this comic delivers the giggles. It’s not just librarian humor, though there is a fair bit of that in this collection: jokes like “oh yes. Patrons went into that section and NEVER RETURNED…their book. They never returned their book.” And a patron setting fire to a copy of Fahrenheit 451 and declaring, “Look! Irony!” Which prompts the librarian to turn to a baby and say, “You are the only mature one in this room.”

There’s also a fair number of visual gags that are just…silly. Like when the library is closed due to snow. And the snow is inside the library.

I’m going to stick to this comic, but that’s because it caters to my specific tastes. It’s silly, well-drawn, and charming. And I love it.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

P.S. What I really want to know is HOW ON EARTH did Doug make the formatting of this zine even work?? It’s dang near a perfect square and the pages and panels are perfectly aligned – and yet there’s no evidence of the paper being trimmed in sight. What are your secrets, Doug??