Indie Comics Hub is Shutting Down

Yes, Indie Comics Hub is coming to a close.

I started this website with the intent of making it the home for reviews of indie comics, and interviews with the creators who make them. I wanted to make this happen to counter-balance the plethora of websites that only focus on Marvel, DC, and other mainstream comics… without much focus on the comics you find at conventions, directly from the creators.


To make that kind of mission possible requires time, energy, and (to an extent) money that I cannot give at this time.

It’s not just that, though.

Yes, it takes investment to make something like Indie Comics Hub. But it also requires a mindset of analyzing others’ work CONSTANTLY, rather than making your own.

I am a creative person by trade. I would rather make ideas of my own. Not spend time analyzing the content that others make.

Not to mention: I have rather high standards for myself when it comes to creating work. I tend to project those standards on to others’ work. And in 90% of cases, I find that a lot of others’ projects just don’t meet the standards I hold for myself. This is a personal flaw of mine, not a reflection of critiquing as an act in itself.

So rather than trying to make my decahedron mind fit inside a square peg, I’m going to shut down Indie Comics Hub.

The site will remain up for two weeks – and will be taken down forever on January 22.

My apologies for those of you who were eager to see what Indie Comics Hub would become, especially since this project was so new. But my energies are better spent elsewhere.

If you would like to keep up with the work I actually do, is the best place to find me. I will keep making comics, rather than trying to analyze others’ comics.

Thank you for your understanding.

I’m sorry I couldn’t make Indie Comics Hub the best it could be.

In future projects, I will endeavor to do better.

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