Featured Artist Friday: Halo Kent

This was the inaugural year for HerdCon, hosted by Marshall University. While I was there, I met this marvelous artist, Halo Kent, and just HAD to feature them.

Halo Kent is the creator of the webcomic, Coffee Run, which is free to read over on Line Webtoon.

Without further ado, here’s the interview!

So what inspired you to make Coffee Run?

Okay…so fun story…or kinda fun story? I…honestly don’t know. Regardless…in high school I was severely depressed (among other things), and I drew a scribble head-sona that represented me, and how I felt at the time (basically how my head felt all conjumbled and like scribbles). Over time, I went to therapy, and got a really cool art teacher who told me he liked the character, and wanted to see where I could take it…so I did some paintings, and began to slowly work on the characters you see now!

When I first saw your Artist Alley table, I was tickled to see so many terrariums. But I didn’t see a whole ton of plants in Coffee Run. To what degree does nature inspire you artistically?

:0 Plants tickle me too as well! Actually, Kale is a plant “person” and is a major part of coffee run (albeit…he’s always super high so….erm…). Plants often inspire me with color pallets, characters (such as kale, and one of my dnd characters Corona!) and generally my addiction to plants seem to bleed into my artwork in some way! I also…might have studied horiculture and floriculture in high school religiously.

Could you tell us a little bit about Eugene?

O-only a little bit? Just kidding… Eugene is my fiance and a huge nerd about art history and books! He’s…not very talkative with strangers (he’s got social anxiety, but he’s working on it and making amazing progress!) and we’ve been dating for about…probably a year now or more. ^^;

What are your artistic goals with Coffee Run (and maybe other projects?) moving forward?

…God i have so many ideas, you have no idea. Once I get some time (and money so I can spend less time at work aha) I’d love to integrate the voice acting I have planned into Coffee Run, maybe animate some panels, and build a website with! But, for right now I work…a lot…and boy am I thankful I made a huuuuuge backlog.

Some other projects I’ve got on my back-burner is another webcomic called The Night Shift….and that’s all I can tell you for now 😉

Got any social media you want to plug?

I would!

Here’s Coffee Run (along with linked to my Patreon, to which +$3 a month patrons get the next update a week in advance!).

My deviantART, where I publish a lot of my art, and my Twitter, (And Twitter for Eugene) where I post a lot of WIPS and memes….and art.

Big thank you to Halo Kent for taking the time to answer these questions.

And thank YOU for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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