Review Day Tuesday: Go Get a Roomie

Chloé C’s Go Get A Roomie is a fantastic journey of self discovery, human sexuality and those thing’s relationship with romance. And one of those great series where you get to see characters grow, develop and change over time.

Heads-up right away, this is not a porn comic, but it tackles human sexuality in a very hands-on way. So everything’s about to get pretty NSFW from here.

Roomie‘ is a life-loving free-living hippie kinda gal – She loves people, beer and getting naked.

In the beginning she kinda ‘knows’ everybody, and has a lot of string-free lovin’ friendships with folks. But she does love to help people, which, when she meets Lillian, makes things a bit complicated.

Lillian “LT. Lazy Tyke” is her opposite; only having very-strong connections with incredibly few people. Namely her family; as she spends most of her time at home and in bed.

When she wakes up to find Roomie beside her, she’s repeatedly woken from her dream-world, and has to choose between leaving the house with her or pushing her out of it.


Over the almost 9 years of GGaR, it’s grown from a Menage-a-3 style sexy-comedy (jokes about sex but not actually porn) to a group re-assessing what they want out of life, out of sex, and out of themselves.

And then there’s the dazzling array of equally fascinating folks they meet and befriend on their journey;

  • Richard, Ramona’s twin brother and everyone’s favourite B*tch. Pretty much always happy for an ass-slap.
  • Ramona, Richard’s twin sister, and everyone’s favourite Dom, from afar, whose always down to show folks who’s the boss.
  • Lillian’s brother Allen, his fiance Evelyne and their occasional man-lover Steve.
  • Mr Kitteh. Meow.
  • WOC, the “Wise Old Crone” full of stories, advice, and when the time needs, Sass.
  • Aggie, an intersex woman(?) of colour, whose presence varies, as she’s kind of in love with Roomie, who doesn’t really do romance/attachment.
  • Jo, the Bartender. Kilt-wearing, hi-jinx loving, but very quick to shut down a ruckus. His bar is well-decorated with very non-decorative weaponry.

Again, this comic has been going for nearly 9 years now, and I highly recommend it for a complete binge, to fully see these characters grow and change. But for those short on time, here is a good jumping in point, with some context (and some mild spoilers):

Double The Fun” is the first chapter where the twins Richard & Ramona start to come out of their shells a bit, and contemplate moving out of their disapproving parent’s place. It’s also got some great humour from everyone, and the start of a long status-quo where Roomie & the twins live with Lillian. Aaaaaand it’s just before “The Knight in Furs“, a very beautiful dream sequence & story.

Chapter 11: Double The Fun

If you love a good, long story with an intersectional cast, working through their demons day-by-day, you’d be hard pressed for a more engrossing journey than this one.
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Mx. Harry Bentley is a nonbinary Comic Artist, Podcaster, and wearer of many hats. She/They also co-own and operate indie publisher Dragonhide Studios out of the UK.

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