My Top Indie Picks Of 2018

This article is by Carlos “The Los” Padilla. (He’ll be getting his own contributor account soon.)
This article has affiliate links. We have done our best to be fair and impartial in recommending these comics.

Two Ton Rock God (Chris Scott)

When Real Steel combines with Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, with an extra dash of cool, Chris Scott invites the reader into the world of TWO TON ROCK GOD. Through the eyes of Rocket & Moxie, watch his first steps to see what it takes to reach the heights to take on Don Electronic & Goldchylde and claim the Title of Champion of Two Ton Rock God! A must read First Issue.

How The Best Hunter In The Village Met Her Death (Molly Ostertag)

A skilled hunter is questioning her comfort zone and the urge to scratch that itch that haunts her nights. Her discovery of a Beast pushes her to the edge of death. This story will push you along with her journey of self discovery at a frantic pace.

Catboy (Benji Nate)

A wish upon a shooting star grants Olive a unique transformation of her cat Henry. From house-cat to now human-cat, Henry now has to adjust to being a person from someone that hasn’t figured out this “adulting” thing just yet. From making friends, job hunting & furniture buying, they both learn how weird life really is. A real whimsical romp that makes you want more.

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F*ck Off Squad (Nicole Goux, Dave Baker)

Three friends try to figure out their relationships in this slice of life story. A Skater, A Musician & An Instagram Slacker coast through their lives and in and out of love. Every action and emotion is wonderfully drawn to perfectly depict them, sprinkled with little details that will make you chuckle. This comic is the perfect burrito of emotions.

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That Box We Sit On (Richie Pope)

Two kids sit on a box and wax philosophically. Reminds me of when you’re just chilling with your best friend and just… think. Growing up really diluted that kind of childlike wonder, and this comic brings that back, even for a little while before dinner.

Girl Town (Carolyn Nowak)

A collection of short stories brewed from the brilliant Carolyn Nowak. From magical produce to plug-in companions, she weaves dramatic personal stories with her characters. You will find a favorite story and become a big fan of Carolyn if you aren’t already.

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Offhand (Yuko Ota)

Akin to Carnet de Voyage (Craig Thompson), Yuko Ota takes you through a personal journey of having to switch drawing hands. Being able to transition to another hand and still create comics is not so easy. Join along this 5 year journey.

Delve (Evan Palmer)

Created from a Daily Comic Challenge in October of 2016, Evan used dice rolls and D&D rule-sets to craft this tale. A tale of Three Adventurers set to seal an ancient evil before it is unleashed upon the realm. Will they prevail? Let the rolls decide.

Binwin’s Minions (Tavis Maiden, Cory Casoni)

The Talespin of PVP, a new creative team takes Scott Kurtz’ D&D Persona into a new Venture. Tavis & Cory craft a new group to torture Binwin with their incompetence (many resurrection spells are used). Can this group turn their fortunes around and make Binwin proud?

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Girls With Slingshots (Complete Hardcover) (Danielle Corsetto)

The Monolith of a Webcomic Generation has come upon us like Moses descending from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments. This collection brings all the adventures of Hazel, Jamie & Mc Pedro with all their friends in tow. Sure you can still read the webcomic online but nothing beats this larger format. Also makes for a great workout.

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Carlos Padilla (The Los)
An Elder statesman in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Convention Circuit. Tabled SPX twice and made friends throughout the Indie Comics Community. Currently working with Super Art Fight as Event Photographer.

Favorite Genre: Slice of Life

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